Company Disclaimer

Ticknology tick testing services can be used to determine the risk of exposure to tick-borne pathogens. Our tests utilize a proven highly specific and sensitive method for detecting the presence or absence of DNA associated with the specific pathogens advertised. Thus, it is encouraged that test results be shared immediately with a physician during a consultation.
Our tests are not a substitute for clinical testing, and even though a tick may be positive, it does not necessarily mean that the pathogen has been transmitted to the host. Tick tests do not provide a clinical diagnosis of disease. We do not practice medicine nor do we provide medical advice.
Although your results are used for research and investigative purposes, individuals’ names and personal information remain completely anonymous. Information about the submitter is used only for the purpose of tracking the sample, handling the payment and any further communication when necessary. Tick tests are not typically covered by medical insurance even though our consultants, and possibly your physician, may advocate having the tick analyzed for risk of infection.

How do I get my results?

What if my tick isn't a deer tick?

Our tests are highly sensitive and accurate. 

  • *We can detect multiple pathogens from a single tick (see our company disclaimer below).  
  • *We use the same scientific methods used in peer-reviewed journal articles. 
  • *All tests use both a positive and a negative control sample so that test results are interpreted accurately.  
  • *All Borrelia positive test results will be repeated to minimize the possibility of false positive results at no extra charge.


Love.Fire.Hope. TICKNOLOGY operates through volunteer efforts and commercial sponsorship such as SAFECARD.   100% of the purchases made though our website are reinvested back into our broad mission of Lyme disease awareness, prevention and innovation. Please contact us if you would like to take part in our cause. Thank you for your support!

** Additional charges for Bartonella general species may apply 

How does TICKNOLOGY provide affordable tick testing?

Is the Universal Tick Test reliable?

Every tick will be identified and tested for the tick-borne pathogens carried by different species of ticks found in the US. and included in the pathogen list above. ALL TICKS, and including deer ticks, will be screened for each pathogen (including Lyme) using our proprietary universal tick test panel.  

Results will be emailed to you as an attachment.  First, you will be notified by email when our lab receives your tick. A second email will include test results  written in a full report including tick identification, tick image and a full explanation of both the results and  expert interpretation. 

  • Borrelia general species                         Borreliosis
  •  Borrelia burgdorferi (sensu lato)            Lyme disease
  •  Borrelia mayonii                                     Lyme disease
  •  Borrelia miyamotoi                                 Relapsing fever
  • Bartonella general species **                Cat scratch disease & trench fever
  •  Anaplasma phagocytophilum                Human Granulocytic Anaplasmosis (HGA)
  •  Babesia microti                                      Babesiosis
  •  Rickettsia rickettsii                                 Rocky Mtn. spotted fever
  •  Rickettsia parkeri                                   Spotted fever rickettsiosis
  •  Ehrlichia chaffeensis                              Ehrlichiosis
  •  Ehrlichia ewingii                                     Ehrlichiosis
  •  Francisella tularensis                             Tularemia

Am I at risk for tick-borne disease?


What pathogens are included if I order a Universal Tick? 

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