Tick Submission Guidelines

Tick Submission Guidelines

Tick Testing in 3 Easy Steps

Tick in a plastic bag

Step 1

Save your tick in a plastic bag.

Order a Universal Tick Test Online

Step 2

Order your test online.

Mail Your Tick To Ticknology

Step 3

Send it to our lab.

SOS! If you or a family member have been bitten by a tick, testing it for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases may aid in immediate medical decisions. It’s easy! Simply remove and save your tick in a Ziploc bag, order a Universal Tick Test online and then send us your specimen using supplies from home.

Ticknology Recommended Mail Service

Send us your tick using supplies from home (details below). We no longer recommend using USPS mail (FedEx & UPS are preferred). Please upgrade your chosen mail service to include tracking, reinforced packaging and better all-around service.

*For best results, do not delay sending your tick for testing. Damaged, dead or immature ticks may be time-sensitive.


  1. Secure each tick (dead or alive) in a Ziploc bag. Keep the body intact. Place a slightly dampened (not soaking wet) piece of paper towel/napkin (~ 1-inch x 1- inch) in the bag with the tick (do not wrap the tick). This will help preserve the tick for identification purposes. If the tick is alive, great! Double-bag it for added security.
  2. Write account holder name and order number on the envelope/bag/or piece of paper. UPS or FedEx are preferred (10AM-5PM). USPS is also accepted. Track your envelope!
  3. Send to:    TICKNOLOGY, LLC
                         1612 Laporte Ave. Unit 9
                         Fort Collins, CO 80521
Deer tick, lone star tick, american dog tick

Multiple specimens?

Scenario 1: Tick bites from a single person: place each specimen in a separate baggie so we recover them all. There is a maximum of 2 ticks per test and they must be approximately the same size. 2 ticks of equal size? Order 1 tick test at checkout (Qty 1). If you have 3 ticks from a single person or 2 ticks with different sizes, place each in a separate baggie and order 2 tests (Qty. =2). *In general, it is not recommended to delay testing. The age, storage conditions and shipping may adversely affect test sensitivity.


Scenario 2: Tick bites from different people: place each specimen in separate baggies and label each with a unique identifier for example "John" and "Jane" or "A" and "B". Order more than one tick test at checkout (Qty. >1).


**Adjust postage for the additional weight.

Shipping - Dos & Don'ts


  • Write order# or name/email address/phone # on the specimen bag or paper included in the envelope.
  • Use UPS or FedEx. IF using United States Postal Service (USPS) then PRIORITY Express mail is preferred.
  • Ship your specimen in a padded, cardboard or reinforced envelope.
  • Transfer your specimen(s) to individual Ziploc bag(s) (rather than a container).
  • Track your envelope.
  • Add more postage if the envelope ***exceeds ¼ inch thickness*** (First Class USPS (not preferred)).

DO NOT (may cause delay (1 business day):

  • Certified mail (signature required).
  • Special AM deliveries- delivery attempts before 10AM are unreliable.
  • Use tape to secure the tick.
  • Send medium or large size boxes.

Most Common Mistakes:

Excessive water- do not have pooling water or soaking wet paper towel in your specimen bag. In most cases dry is better for better test results.

DO NOT wrap your tick in a soaking wet paper towel- the contents of your tick will get diluted and lost in the paper towel or pooling water. 

The wrong name is provided with the specimen and/or hand written order number-if you do not have a printout with your order number, we require 2 ways to match your specimen with your account. Always include account information such as name, email address, billing address, phone number or order number.

Directions are not followed when submitting multiple specimens-We only combine 2 specimens for a single test for a single set of results. If you send us more ticks than the number of tests ordered - your test will be delayed as we try to contact you. See our directions above and include a detailed note if necessary.

Not enough postage for USPS stamped mail- the postal will leave a pink slip for stamped envelopes over 1/4" thick- thick envelopes are considered 'parcels' and are charged  ~$3.50. This will significantly delay your test. These envelopes remain at the post office and require in-person pick up and payment for the postage.

Did not track your envelope-wondering why you have not been contacted by Ticknology about your specimen? Your specimen is most likely lost or delayed. 

Tick explodes in the bag- engorged ticks should be protected using padding and reinforced envelopes. Your mail may go through rollers and large ticks can be crushed. 

Tick escapes from the bag-There are defects in plastic bags that you may not see. Double bag your specimen to avoid escape or damage. 

Excessive packaging- Keep it simple. Excessive tape, boxes within boxes, envelopes within envelopes- are often not necessary and can become cumbersome to our staff. Please keep this in mind when preparing your specimen.

Sending extra specimens - sending extra specimens that aren't meant for immediate testing will cause confusion and delay. 


You will be notified by email when your tick has arrived.

Test results will be emailed to you within 24-72 hr by choosing Priority Processing at checkout.


Please contact Ticknology. We will respond within 24 hours.